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What drives NIDEC forward? Global megatrends – and people like you!

First, the important things: We want to inspire you, get you and your good mind on our team and motivate you to join us soon. That is why we are taking this opportunity to present NIDEC as what we really are, without any false modesty: an innovation-driven trendsetter with ambitious growth targets. Second, we would like to invite you to grow alongside with us, both professionally and personally, as part of a team that pulls together to make our shared vision a reality – a vision that centers on the latest issues, like electrification, reducing carbon emissions and self-driving cars. We also want to give you the opportunity to work with the latest technologies, push our innovation projects forward and make your mark in doing so.

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You can answer that question on your own. Still need more help to decide? Have a look at the heading for the target group that you belong to. There you will find focal areas and employee benefits listed by location.


14 - 24.09.2017