From school directly to the future of automobiles

Want to jump right into practical work right after graduating, advancing quickly and achieving one new goal after another? Are you unstoppable once you get started? Can you focus on the task at hand? If so, hitch your own working future with the future of a leading automotive supplier: NIDEC. Two attractive locations are waiting to help you discover your talents. It goes without saying that you are particularly interested in local training opportunities. You yourself know best whether you want to submit your application electronically to Bietigheim-Bissingen or Merbelsrod. We’ll give you a tip: Your best chances are at the Merbelsrod location in Thuringia. This location offers students a broad choice of attractive internships and traineeships. There you can take advantage of an excellent training program that will advance you systematically. But in Bietigheim-Bissingen as well, you will get top-class training.
„Grades are not the only criterion in our decision – the personality and motivation of an applicant count too.“ Yoshio Fujii, CTO AMEC EU

Interested in technology, but seek the right training partner? If so, make your way to NIDEC! You will learn a lot, but you’ll learn the right things too – the useful things that will help you advance. That’s how you will become most familiar with your job, yourself, and all of your strengths and weaknesses. Once you join our family, we won’t let you go too easily: We are known for our very high hire rates. Of course, we will continue to train you after you graduate. So if you are interested in being trained as a warehouse logistics specialist or an industrial management assistant or want to take advantage of one of our many opportunities in technology (industrial engineer, machine and plant operator, mechatronics technician, toolmaker, cutting machine operator, etc.), you should have a look through our job postings.
Your advantages at a glance:
  • We hire 90% to 95% of our trainees. That probably means you too!
  • Even if you don’t have a degree, NIDEC can take you far. If you are ambitious, you can start a real career by taking advantage of individual continuing education programs after your initial training.
  • What about fair compensation? For us, that goes without saying.
  • What is important to us is that you can really remain a trainee with us. We provide you with focused guidance, rather than throwing you in and expecting you to swim. NIDEC lets you learn – and demonstrates and teaches you everything you will need for later.
Dual-track training

Want to combine training with forays into academic theory and business practices? If so, complete a dual-track program with and at NIDEC. At our Merbelsrod and Bietigheim-Bissingen locations you can earn your Bachelor of Engineering degree within a wide variety of majors. They both offer high-level information and practice-oriented work. Find all information about dual-track training in our job postings. And after you earn your degree? Naturally, you may stay on with us and take on your first job. After all, by this time you’ve long been a member of the NIDEC family.
Your advantages at a glance:
  • Your program is packed with exciting subjects that you will be able to apply in practice in between your theoretical semesters at the university.
  • If your performance is good, we will most likely hire you. So don’t worry about your future. You can start right after you graduate.
Student internships

Want to get some initial impressions of the exciting world of cars even before you graduate? Interested in learning all about the processes and workflows of a global company? If so, apply for one of our student internships. That’s how many of our current experts found their way to us. Basically you can apply to work in any area of our company. What are you interested in? Just send along your unsolicited application. Then we will let you know whether you can complete your internship with us – and if so, when.


14 - 24.09.2017